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As Back 4 Good expands throughout Canada and our global network reaches into the USA, Asia and Europe we are enhancing our offer to employers and organisations and are in production on an exciting new development for our concept with the provision of virtual recruitment services across all our platforms which will allow full engagement with our subscriber base throughout our global network.

Running on the cloud with no need to install software to access your online fair Back 4 Good will present you with shortlisted candidates who match your job descriptions and who you will have pre -screened in advance.

Using new technology Back 4 Good will be able to minimise your recruitment costs and ensure your HR team and their valuable time is planned to deliver matching candidates and hires on each virtual show day.

This exciting new development dovetails nicely with the Back 4 Good strategy of reaching out to skilled professionals and inviting them to live and work in multiple locations during their lifetime career.

Back 4 Good has also designed a support programme to take care of your ” back office “ when candidates are selected and need to relocate .

Our team of affiliates based in over 150 cities throughout the world will deal with all the arrangement including, if required visa, permits, travel, resettlement back to the chosen location and on boarding .

Our support programme also involves looking after the family and their needs and should the situation arise finding roles for family members as they arrive in Canada .

As physical job fairs are becoming a thing of the past in the battle for talent ,they are costly, take up days with  staff time  required , in most cases are not targeted and dependent on the weather and travel, virtual recruitment fairs are a preferred solution as they do deliver top candidates and HR teams can recruit on the day of the fair from their own desk.

If you wish to get involved and book your firms or organisations virtual recruitment fair or if you have a difficult role to fill and wish to ask Back 4 Good to set up a day of interviews with shortlisted candidates contact greg@back4good.ca today .