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Back 4 Good -Your future in Prince Edward Island was looking across the recent 2018/2019 Overview of Career Opportunities on PEI which focused on 36 sectors .

The findings are indeed very positive with roles available in all sectors and as PEI is one of the most affordable places to live in with property prices far lower than the rest of Canada now is clearly the time to consider living and working in PEI.

While Agriculture and fishing was the traditional sectors for employment in the province new industries are battling for talent now.

Jobs are available in the following sectors today,

. Profesional, Scientific % Technical
. Retail.
. Construction
. Food Processing
. Healthcare
. Early Childhood Education
. Digital/Computing
. Aerospace ,Defence and Marine
. Bioscience
. Culture/Creative.

and many more .

In Digital for example the top 5 occupations experiencing acute skills shortages are,

. Computer and information Systems Managers
. Computer Engineers Software Engineers and Designers
. Data Analysts and Database Administrators
. Computer Programmers and Interactive Developers
. Graphic Arts Technicians

Bioscience is a new sector and a very interesting option as the sector is looking for employees from entry level up to PhD level to work in very exciting areas including,

. Human Health & Nutrition
. Fish Health
. Animal Health & Nutrition
. Human/Animal Health diagnostics
. Medical Devices .

Prince Edward Island is a very real option for returnees and overseas workers and if you are considering living and working in PEI contact greg@back4good.ca today and we will take out from there for you.

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