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Your future in Nunavut

Back 4 Good – Your future in Nunavut is excited with the opportunities available for Nunavut diaspora and skilled overseas professionals.

Nunavut is the largest area in Canada and the second least populous of Canada’s provinces and territories and one of the worlds most remote, sparsely settled regions with a population of around 40,000 spread over an area of just over 1,750,000 KM squared (680,000 sq mi)  or slightly smaller than Mexico.

Nunavut is also home to the world’s northernmost permanently inhabited place Alert Eureka, a weather station also on Ellesmere Ireland has the lowest average annual temperature of any Canadian weather station.

Nunavut has a mixed economy mining, oil, gas, mineral exploration, arts crafts, hunting, fishing, whaling, tourism, transportation and education.

Nunavut Arctic College is a significant operation with a new Canadian High Arctic Research Station CHARS in planning for Cambridge Bay and a high north Alert Bay Station ,Iqaluit hosts the Nunavut Mining Symposium every April this a THE  trades show for mining in the area and showcases many economic activities on going in Nunavut.

Nunavut as an option for a new career and to live and work is very specialise with a work life balance second to none in the world .

Current careers on offer in early 2019 include

  • Property and Facility Officers – Iqaluit
  • Heavy Equipment Operators – Raytheon
  • Facilities Maintenance Technicians – Raytheon
  • Research Coordinators – Nunavut
  • Laboratory Technicians (remote mine site) – Hope Bay
  • Survey Assistants – Baker Lake
  • Project Manager
  • Inuit Employment Counsellors
  • Superintendents Energy & Infrastructure
  • Chef Mine Geologists
  • Mine Planners
  • Health & Safety Specialists
  • crane Operators

and many more.

Living and working in Nunavut is different than most other locations and a couple of points to take on board, daylight is full time in summer and very little of the sun in winter.

Nevertheless Nunavut presents a special opportunities and if you are interested in living and working in the province send your details to greg@back4good.ca today and we will take it from there for you.

For employers and organisations in the province we have a solid database of skilled professionals who are looking for opportunities in the province so sign up today with Back 4 Good – Your future in Nunavut.