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Your future in Nova Scotia

Back 4 Good – Your future in Nova Scotia is working on reaching out to Nova Scotia’s expatriates with an invitation to live and work on the peninsula again.

Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s eastern Maritime provinces on the Atlantic and consisting of a peninsula and offshore islands. It is home to many puffins and seals and very popular for water sports .

Halifax the capital, dominated by the star – shaped Citadel. It is know for its lively waterfront and Victorian Public Gardens.

Like all Canadian provinces Nova Scotia has significant demands for skilled professionals with many employment opportunities  and a very interesting mix of opportunities due to the maritime location of the province.

Role available in that respect include,

  • Geo scientists
  • Oceanographers


and the more standard roles on offer are across the board to include

  • Financial Auditors and accountants
  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Information System Analysts
  • Computer Programmers
  • Web Designers
  • Registered Nurses
  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychologists

and many more

As part of the Atlantic group of provinces Nova Scotia is involved in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot which allows skilled professionals who wish to migrate a seamless process towards finding suitable employment for themselves

Employers can hire through 3 programs

  1. Atlantic High-Skilled Program
  2. Atlantic Intermediate pROGRAM
  3. Atlantic International Graduate Program

Each program has its  own requirements and these requirements cover

  1. the job that you’ll have in the Atlantic province
  2. your skills, experience and education
  3. your ability to communicate in English or French
  4. your ability to support yourself
  5. your intent to reside in the Atlantic province

Back 4 Good – Your future in Nova Scotia can assist both employers and candidates with this new pilot program.

Nova Scotia is keen to see as many people as possible return to our start out a new life in the Province so send your details today to greg@back4good.ca and we will take it from there for you.

For employers and organisations in Nova Scotia we have a solid database of skilled professionals looking to work in the province so sign up for Back 4 Good – Your future in Nova Scotia today.