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Your future in New Brunswick

Back 4 Good – Your future in New Brunswick are delighted to be reaching out to our expatriates with a strong invitation to come back to New Brunswick for good.

For talented overseas workers looking to migrate you are also welcome and let us tell you more about our province.

New Brunswick is an eastern maritime province in Canada it encompasses rivers, pine forests, mountains and the Bay of Fundy know for its extreme tides and whale watching. The port city of St John is home to the New Brunswick Museum with local artwork dating to the 1800s.

If you are a returning Canadian or if you are migrating to New Brunswick is an excellent location to live and work.

Whether you prefer small-town communities or big city amenities, family-oriented recreation or a thriving arts and culture environment, New Brunswick offers it all.

New Brunswick has invested heavily in developing a world class learning environment and with over 20,000 full-time students New Brunswick 5 universities are located throughout the provinces and well-known for their expertise in the fields of engineering, forestry, e-commerce, nursing, high technology, law and social work.

Jobs and career prospects are very strong with 110,564 job openings in New Brunswick over the next 10years with job openings in

  • Health
  • Sales and Services
  • Business & Finance
  • Management
  • ICT
  • Digital
  • Construction.


New Brunswick is suffering from a skills shortage today with employers from the province running job fairs in New York city.

Moncton  employers pitched their openings at the fair and sold the low cost of living and the maritime charm to prospective employees.

The city’s advanced telecommunications infrastructure ,bilingual workforce and low-cost of doing business have turned Moncton into a software hub and demand for workers is high.

Now is the time to move back to New Brunswick and Back 4 Good can assist. Send your details to greg@back4good.ca  today and we will take it from there for you.

For employers and organisations we have a solid data base of skilled workers who want to live and work in New Brunswick so let’s have a conversation.