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Expanding Saskatchewan's Talent Pool

Back 4 Good -Your future in Saskatchewan  are working on a sourcing assignment to find a qualified Green House Gases Program Manager .

The Green House Gases Manager is responsible for defining the impact to Air Products and its customers of the ongoing proposed changes to GHG regulation in the ISA and Canada and ensuring systems and work processes are defined in advance of any regulation change or change in regulation to ensure full compliance  .



.Broad and Extensive GHG compliance reporting ,managing credits and allocations ,experience in multiple U.S states especially California and preferably in Canada at the Federal and province level.

. 5 years + experience in GHG compliance and regulatory engagement role,

. Understanding of a typical process monitoring methods and equipment required to satisfy GHG emission reporting requirements

. Understanding alternative commercial models and the impact of alternative regulatory strategies on those business models.

. Ability to understand and advise on commercial contract terms as they relate to managing current and future  compliance cost recovery resulting from GHG regulations .

. Understanding of alternative GHG emission regulatory approaches around the world.

. Excellent presentation skills and one-to-one interpersonal and negotiation skills

. Experience with root cause analysis ,best practices and continuous improvement

.Engaging leadership style ,promoting the involvement of employees in a safe to work environment

. Extensive experience in reading and applying GHG regulations to process industries

. Bachelor’s degree in engineering ( Chemical Engineering preferred ) or environmental science or a related field of study .


If you are interest in this role with has a very attractive package attached to it send your cv to greg@back4good.ca and we can have a conversation.


To apply for this job email your details to greg@back4good.ca.