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Back 4 Good – Your future in Vancouver is focused on bringing many skilled professionals home to Vancouver during 2019.

Vancouver is booming with skill shortages in all sectors. Only a few short months ago the iconic Tomahawk Barbecue closed for dinner for  4 nights a week due to the shortage of hospitality employees.

Chefs are in big demand with paces like The Noodle House on Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver shut down permanently due to a chronic shortage of staff.

Owners in the sector are shocked at these developments with many saying that after 30 years in the business they have never seen it so bad.

This shortage has resulted in owners having to look at the wages on offer with significant increases promised.

A key issue for workers in the sector is not the job or commute it is the price of rents and the lack of available places to rent. They are few if any affordable rents close to Vancouver with rental vacancy rates under 1%.

Jobs Boards such as Craigslist currently have 2500 postings for jobs in Metro Vancouver in the food, beverage and hospitality category.

It is not just the Hospitality sector that is struggling to find Talent with British Colombia with the highest job vacancy rate in Canada at 3.1 er cent  – 56,000 unfilled jobs.

Sectors with rising job vacancy rates include oil and gas, construction, transportation and hospitality.

Of course in the ICT and Tech sectors the demand for skilled professionals is high with the average salary in the Tech sector $83,000 with tech employers  in the Metro paying a premium to entry level workers between $70,000 and $100,000.

The current B.C. Tech job boards has between 1,200 and 1,500 posted at any moment.

As a result oil the property shortage and lack of places to rent Tech firms are setting up in the suburbs which are more affordable locations to live.

With estimates of over 514,000 skilled workers shortage in B.C. within a decade some reports are suggesting that British Columbia could lose up to $ 7.9 billion in GDP annually because it does not have the skilled workers to replace an ageing workforce.

Now is certainly the time to return to Vancouver and B.C. with this labour market environment offering significant opportunities for skilled professionals along with vert attractive packages that appear to be increasing every day.

In the first instance send your expression of interest to info@b4gmedia.com we will take it form there for you.

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