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Back 4 Good – Your future in Canada is rolling out its annual summer talent drive among the Canadian Diaspora under our unique call to action Home for the holidays ? Why not stay ? .

Now in its 15th year our campaign reaches out to Canadians as they return home for the Holidays  and provides them with independent advice on all aspects of returning home to Canada for good.

Our experts are on-hand to offer information on,

. Careers and Salary packages

. Property

. Education

. Healthcare

. Insurances

. Telecoms

. Transport

. Taxation and Pensions

. Legal and regulations

and much more .

With over 3 million Canadians living abroad our campaign presents an opportunity to make  skill sets not currently available in Canada available to employers throughout Canada and more importantly to look at options that will allow  returnees to return home to their own Provence, City ,County or Town .

For employers and large organisations looking to find top talent Back 4 Good offers  an opportunity to promote your  job offers to this unique talent pool and with our Global Talent Team we handle the sourcing and shortlisting so that interviews take place in Canada as our diaspora return for the holidays .

Returnees should contact greg@back4good.ca with their uptodate cv and indicate your preferred location.

Employers and organisations looking to have skilled workers commencing their roles in Jan 2023 contact greg@back4good.ca today and join our historic programme.