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Back 4 Good – Your future in Canada is looking at the prospect of creating and developing a new and exciting concept Diaspora TV which will allow Canadians a new way of finding out what’s going on in Canada on an hourly basis .

We are working on a proposal to creat a Diaspora Digital TV Channel which will broadcast throughout platforms and provide programmes such as new, current affairs , lifestyle ,education ,travel and fitness with documentaries produced by the Canadian diaspora .

We are investigating if we can offer Diaspora TV through cable and satellite television and will include content from different providers including newspapers ,magazines and radio.

Canada Diaspora TV will be available through Tablet , Smartphone , laptop and DeskTop.

Our research is also looking at broadcasting times as we want our platform to broadcast 24/7 and we will need to take into account the different timezones that Canadians are working in across the globe .

With over 3 million Canadians living overseas the potential audience is massive and we believe with the correct content and interesting programming that Back 4 Good can grab a solid share of that those Canadians abroad .

If you are interested in getting involved in Diaspora TV and wish to make an input contact Back 4 Good -Your future in Canada today