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As the coronavirus spreads across the globe our subscriber base are looking for a information platform that update them daily on all developments as they arise.

Back 4 Good – Your future in Canada have set up such a platform on Facebook @coronavirustruth is now live and is interactive .We are looking for you to update  @coronavirustruth with relevant information from your own Provence ,City ,Town or village.

As of March the 3rd 2020 ,30 cases of COVID- 19 are under investigation with 2 conformed  in Canada with ,

Ontario 20

British Columbia  9

Quebec               1

As Canada begins to get exposed to the Coronavirus ,currently  there are over 90,000 conformed cases worldwide and nearly 3000 deaths with confirmed cases outside of China rising at a greater rate with the virus in 70 countries today , the need for independent and relevant information is vital.

While the World Health Organisation have refused to call is a Pandemic is is very clear that the speed of the rise in confirmed cases indicate that is will be a Pandemic before the end of the Month .

It is our intention to supply our subscribers and followers with as much independent information as  we can and are relying on our subscriber base to contact us with relevant events and stories as they take place .

If you have any enquires or want to update our platforms with fresh developments contact greg@back4good.ca or pop over to @coronavirustruth today.