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Back 4 Good – Your future in Canada is delighted that our unique concept has arrived in Canada and that we have created a bespoke platform for Canadians who wish to return home to Canada to live and work.

Canada is experiencing a significant skills and talent shortage with nearly 400,000 available jobs to be filled.

In British Columbia for example one in 25 jobs are unfilled as the Canadian economy starts to grow.

According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business ( CFIB ) there where 399,000 vacant jobs in Canada at the last year an increase of 38,000 or 10.5%

Percentages relating to the number of jobs unfilled in each province are as follows,

British Columbia  3.9%

Quebec              3.4%

Ontario              3.2%

New Brunswick  2.7%

Alberta               2.4%

Manitoba            2.3%

Saskatchewan   2.3%

Nova Scotia       2.0%

Newfoundland    1.8%

It  is anticipated that these figures will rise significant by year end 2023 and with Canada experiencing record low unemployment figures will stand at 5.8% ( the lowest nationwide rate since 1976) Canada is running out of skilled workers.


Back 4 Good – Your future in Canada will be introduced to the Canadian diaspora in 2023 and each Province will have it’s own Back 4 Good program as part of the concept.

If you wish to return home to Canada contact info@b4gmedia.com today and we will take to from there for you.

For employers and large organisation we would love you to get involved in this historic and unique campaign contact greg@back4good.ca today and let’s have a conversation.