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Canada is running out of skilled workers with the Canadian Chamber if Commerce expressing the view that the skills shortage is critical economic issue that is impacting Canadian productivity and and competitiveness.

The Chamber posted out that industry in Canada is expected to suffer greatly with the aging working population slowly moving out of the labour market which will affect sectors from the food industry to mining to construction to technology .

What is more worrying for Canada is that many firms are operating with less workers and ignoring new business opportunities

In Canada today it is getting very hard to fill any position with wage rates rising fast leading to the prospect of an overheating economy .

The most difficult roles to fill include,

. Software Engineers

. Occupational or Physiotherapy Assistants

. Licensed Practice Nurses

. Welder

. Business Management Consultant

. College or Vocational Instructor

. Truck Driver

. Registered Nurses

. Industrial Electrician

. Arospace Engineers

Employers in Canada are looking at innovative solutions to address these skills shortages and to find workers fast and have reached out to Back 4 Good – Your Future in Canada  to attempt to attract the Canadian diaspora back to Canada for good .

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