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Back for Good – Your future in Canada are the experts on the vast range of opportunities that are currently on offer throughout Canada. Indeed this week we reported that British Columbia alone is looking to fill over 514,000 new jobs over the next 10 years.

As a potential returnee we will provide you with an independent guide to all aspects of returning home to your province, city, town or village.

Our experienced experts will be on hand to take you through each aspect and our daily updates on our site and social media platforms will allow you to keep informed of events and issues as the arise.

Our platform will provide information on all relevant areas including,











and much more.


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Back 4 Good is a unique online platform that is reaching out to Talented Canadians abroad inviting them to return home to take up roles across Canada and we want you to get involved. You can do this in a number of ways,



Become a licensee either nationally or province. You can avail of our Brand Platform and Marketing to promote your company, its services and products. As a licensee you will be able to post jobs, received applications directly and if required receive a shortlist of the most relevant candidates as supplied to you by Back 4 Good.

If you are selling a product or service you can do so on the platform with the support of the Back 4 Good Global expertise.

As a Back 4 Good HR partner you can post jobs online with no limits to postings, Back 4 Good will work with you to develop target Digital Marketing Campaigns that source you the top talent you require.



Back 4 God have a range of advertising offers throughout the Platform and we will be happy to discuss these options with your firm or organisation.


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Learn about life in Canada

Back 4 Good is represented in all 10 Canadian provinces with representatives on the ground in most major cities and towns.

We operate on the basis of ensuring that we have our “finger on the pulse“ and provide hourly updates on our site and social media platforms so that our users and subscribers are aware of developments and significant events as they happen and we explain the potential impacts that may happen as a result of any major changes.

Canada is a fast moving and dynamic country which is experiencing strong economic growth and this is resulting in many opportunities for people who wish to live and work in Canada.

The Back 4 Good approach is to focus in the first instance on the Canadian diaspora overseas with a simple invitation to come back home to Canada for good.



Virtual Recruitment engaging with Canada’s diaspora .

As Back 4 Good expands across Canada and is engaging with the 3 million skilled Canadians overseas who are considering a return to Canada we are excited to offer a new virtual recruitment service to employers and organisations who wish to fill roles and meet 1000s of skilled professionals in the comfort of your own office .

Quebecers  asked to return   Back 4 Good

Quebecers asked to return Back 4 Good

Quebec is booming with significant growth in all sectors and an alarming shortage of skilled workers .Back 4 Good – Your future in Quebec is reaching our to Quebecers with an invite to return back to Quebec and live and work with your friends and families again.

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